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Draw Me Close Chords


   A                D
   Draw me close to you
   E            A
   Never let me go
   E                 D    
   I lay it all down again
   F#m/F#m7                Dmaj7              
   To hear you say that I'm your friend
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   A          D
   You are my desire
   E                A
   No one else will do
   E                             D
   Cause nothing else could take your place
   F#m/F#m7                  Dmaj7        
   To feel the warmth of your embrace
   A                   E7sus  E                   A, D, E,
   Help me find the way,      bring me back to you

   A      E        D
   You're all I want
   A        E        D     E7sus
   You're all I've ever needed
   A        E      D
   You're all I want
   E7sus        E           A
   Help me know you are near