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Mothers Garden Chords

This is an unreleased Michael Tolcher song, it's a really cool little song and I decided 
tab it out for others since there wasn't already a tab. Standard tuning, no capo. 
can be found at the bottom. Enjoy!


    D    G    A    Bm   G    D    G    A

E --2----3----x----2----3----3----3----2---|
B --3----3----2----3----3----2----3----2---|
G --2----0----2----4----0----3----0----2---|
D --0----0----2----4----0----0----0----2---|
A --x----2----0----2----2----x----2----0---|
E --x----3----X----x----3----x----3----x---|


     Bm     D      G

E ---2------3------3------|
B ---3------2------3------|
G ---4------3------0------|
D ---4------0------0------|    X   3
A ---2------x------2------|
E ---x------x------3------|


      D     Em     F#m     G
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/michael_tolcher/mothers_garden_crd.html ]
E ----3-----0-------2------3------|
B ----2-----0-------2------3------|
G ----3-----0-------2------4------|
D ----0-----2-------4------5------|
A ----x-----2-------4------5------|
E ----x-----0-------2------3------|

Verse 1

In Mother's Garden there grows a history thousands of centuries.
Flowers like children, colors original, everything beautiful.


Sometimes she weeps. Weakened with disease. Silently she screams
Rescue me.......rescue me.

Verse 2

In Mother's Garden, she sings a melody four parts in harmony.
Earth, water, wind, and fire. Her secret recipe, circular energy.



She said, "I am your home, I give you life, I'll build this family. We are alone, it's 
and I in this whole galaxy. We can't survive without each other, are you listening? I 
your help to heal myself when I am suffering."

Verse 3

In Mother's Garden feel that serenity, no greater liberty.