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Breaking My Heart Chords

Song Title: Breaking my Heart
Artist: Michael Learns To Rock
Tabbed by: Aristotle G. Mercado

 Hi to all All of my classmate BSN-IID at N.E.U.S.T. Iím Aristotle G. Mercado, this song 
Song Beautiful so just enjoy,Thanks to Kuya Milo Espidol!!!!

Intro: A-D-E( 2x) AÖ..

Verse I
 E		A
Iím on the floor
 D			      A
Counting one minute more
E	      A          D       E
Noone to break the silence

E  	  D		E
Staring into the night
     A			    F#m
All alone but thatís alright
              B7		  E  		  A
Itís the feeling deep inside I donít like
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   A	   D	         E	A
There is no excuse my friend
For breaking my heart
Breaking my heart again
    A	   D	         E	A
This is where our journey ends
             D		E        A
Your breaking my heart again

Verse II (same chord pattern)

Here in my bed
Counting the words youíve said
They linger in the shadows

Refrain (same chord pattern)
Coming home late at night
Drunk again but thatís alright
Itís the look in your eyes I donít like

Adlib: E-A-D-A-E_A_D_E

Chorus: (same chord pattern)
There is no excuse my friend
For breaking my heart
Breaking my heart again...

Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 just listen to the song for the timing and adjustments of the 
This tab is 100% accurate I work hard on this tab. If you have a Friendster account kindly 
me to your friends hereís my e-mail add Aristotle_odacrem@yahoo.com.Thanks