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MICHAEL KISKE - All-Solutions
from the Kiske record (2006)
by Eddie (starfire@azet.sk)

Note: Best singer in the world. Period.

C                      F
I can seem the hardest thing
  Bb                        G
Depending on the red coming in
    C                            F 
And you can be the bitch-fullest being
Bb                         G
Waiting for your moment to sing

  C      G      Dm      F        
I came today to ease my boredom
      C       G        Dm     F  
And I came to say: you are my home
             C     G         Dm       F    
And it won't fade away if we let love show
         G     F   C           Dm 
I know I dried out sleeping on empty sheets
     G     F   C          Dm       
I've tried out most of my versions me

  Am   G          F          C          Dm  
I came down cause all that I needed was near
I came cause you're here
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Verse 2:
It's always not a pleasure to see
You won't give me all that I need
The sky is falling down on my feet
And all the birds are crying indeed

Pre-chorus 2:
I can never please your daily silence
I will never be the peace for your islands
It's so plain to see the stains of trouble in my hands
I've been down and out, jerking off spiritual
I angered loud condemning the world and all

Chorus 2:
I came down cause all that I needed was near
I came while I'm here

  F    G        C       Dm  
I sell myself a wise conclusion
  F      G         C     Dm        
I buy ourselves an all-solution
   F       G          Am    D         G 
We find us brave with no confusion at all
  D          G     G7 
Believing is tall

Solo Rhythm:
C, C, F, Fm
Bb, Bb, G, G7

Verse 3:
All guild becomes a mountain of death
No chance to breath with tons on your chest

Repeat Pre-chorus and Chorus

C, G, Dm, F (3x)
G, F, C, Dm (2x)
Am, G, F, C, Dm, G