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This Night Wont Last Forever Chords

This Night Won't Last Forever by Michael Johnson

Intro- G   Em  D  Em  C  D  C  Em  Am  B7  

Em                B7
Everybody likes a celebration

C                G
Happy music and conversation

C                      D                      G         C   B7
But I'd be lying if I said I didn't have the blues

Em                       B7
In the corner there's a couple dancing

C                      G
From the kitchen I can hear her laughing

   Am     C                  D
Oh I wish I was celebrating, too

    G         Em         D
I know this night won't last forever

   C        Em            Am         D
I know the sun is gonna shine some time

   G         Em          D
I need some hope for a bright tomorrow
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    C         Em            Am         D    
To show this heart is gonna mend just fine

C  Em   Am   B7

Em                   B7
So pardon me for my disposition

C                      G
Wish I didn't have to sit and listen

C                            D            G          C  B7
She's playing the same old songs on the stereo

 Em                         B7
She's been lying since the day I met her

C                      G
I'd be better off to just forget her

   Am        C                      D
Oh I would rather be lonesome all alone


F                  G
Such a ridiculous situation

F                           G
Pretending there's nothing wrong

Em                         A
She's coming on with the invitation

C                           D
I wonder who is taking her home