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Ill Always Love You Chords

Hi 2 OL...bY ThE wAy ThI Is mY FIrSt TAbLiTeRaTuRe ImAkE It SiMpLe So i hOpE oL
Of yAh GuYs wOuLd lIkE It...ThAnXz..^_^..dEdiCaTe Ko To Sa MaRe kOh.. nA C hAnnAh
lOuIsE De lA sAnToS..wIw!!WuJu!!

          A        C         D Bm7       E7      A(sus)
          standin by my window List'nin' for ur call
         Dm7            E7             AM7(SUS)PAUSE
        SeEms I really  Miss you after all

          F           C(pause)      Bm7           E7(sus)AM7-pause          
 REFRAIN:Time won't let       me decide thoughts to myself
                    Dm7                      F#M
                    I'd just like to let you know
                     I wish i'd never let you go  

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        AM7       F#M7   Bm7      E    D                     A
 Chorus: And i'll always love you deep inside this heart of mine 
                             F#M      E
                           I do love you
                     A         F#M         Bm
                      And i'll always [need]you 
               E               F(DIM)               F#M-d(pause)
               And if you ever change your mind i'll still
                           E(PAUSE)(Do intro chords)
                           I'will love you

         A      C     D           Bm7     E7                       
 Verse#2:Wish u never left me but loves a mystery  
     Dm7                E7      AM7-PAUSE
        you can break a heart so easily,
            F             C                   Bm7    E7       AM7
2ND:REFRAIN:The days and nights we knew how i much i feel for you 
Dm7               C#m7    F#M7                          E7
Time has come for me too see how much my love meant for me

         (note:repeat lat 3 lines of chorus except last word)

F             A            Bm              E
Time like a river keeps on rollin right on by 
 F#M              C#m           B7              E7
 nothin' left for me to do so i watch the river rise

(REPEAT CHORUS except last 2 words)
F#M-D         Bm  (coda:A-C-D-Bm-E-A)
I'll still  i will,love you

TnX po...MayBe WoUlD bE sImPLe But plSSS..
kInDa..fOllOw SoMe fOllOwInG iNsTrUcTiOnS BeLoW..aNd u cN GeT ThE SOnG..
tHnXz..^_^...i love you mare...wehehe...