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Glory Is Here Chords

Song   : Glory Is Here
Artist : Michael Gungor Band
Album  : Ancient Skies
Key    : D# with Capo 1
Standard EADGBe tuning

Verse 1
D                       Bm7          A
Someday You'll come, darkness will cease.
Bm7                      D/F#             G
True light will dawn, everyone will then see.
D               Bm7                A
Everything new, we'll finally see You.

Verse 2
Awaiting that day, searching for more
While along You are found with the poor.
Help me to see, you're all around me
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A             Bm7
Our praises arise
A                 Bm7
As we come to recognize
A         Bm7
Jesus is near
G          D
Glory is here

Verse 3
In oceans and hills, and in ancient skies
Hidden in faces and pain and delight, glory is here
And I get a glimpse of You.

Verse 4
In silence and prayer, in bread and wine
Somehow the common become the divine.
You're making me new. I'm starting to see You.

A                 Bm
Our praises rise
G                 D
Our praises rise