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Skylarkin Chords

                        MIC CHRISTOPHER - SKLARKIN
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F                               Am         G
You learned a lot when you were out there
F                    Am   G
About this foolish game
F                             Am           G
And finding cause to let your nightmares
F           Am   G
Get in your way
F                              Am      G
And watching from your bedroom window
F                      Am    G
Cause you don't wanna play
F                       Am     G
You believe in what you wanna
F              Am   G
We'll go anyway

Am           G                F  Am  G
Isn't this a way that we can go

So let us never let our relationship
Treat us like fools
Let us never ever wonder
What our friendship could do
'Cause my songs don't know that I exist
And though I give them life it is
A friendship that will never grow
My songs are friends I'll never know

Isn't this a way that we can go
Cause you know we never will grow old