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Listen Girl Chords

                    MIC CHRISTOPHER   -   LISTEN GIRL

C             Am
Listen girl I might
       C           Am
If you ask me very nice
C            Am            F
I just might tell you the truth
                    C          Am
Because you give me love and I like it
    C               Am
And charming as you might be
C           Am          F
Listen girl you like it to
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 C         Am      
All of the corner kids
        C           Am
They're looking for joy
C           Am              F
Dreaming of playgrounds and toys
             C           Am
Well they're dreaming no more
               C          Am
'Cause they've been there before
    C             Am      F
And now they just sit and absorb
            C                   Am
Like when I couldn't get out of bed
   C              Am
Oh I could hardly walk
      C             Am
But I come here to muse
  C             F
I come here to talk

To say listen girl ...

And the fluids
     Am             C
That hold me in my mind
    Am           C
A candle in the way
     Am              F
To falling back in time
And beer
    Am             C
The wilful little tout
     Am               C
That brightens up my nights
     Am               F
But hoodoo when I'm awake