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Ive Got Your Back Chords

I've Got Your Back    -    Mic Christopher

Tabbed by: Chris Murphy		

Tuning: EADGBe

Chords used:
     A         G#m       F#m       E  



  A  A   G#m  G#m  A  A  G#m  G#m  


F#m  F#m

Verse :

 E               F#m
Oh we got the minds, And we got the money,
E    F#m       E
We got, The money, We got plenty of time'cause,
F#m       E             F#m       
We're on it, We got dreams just like the rest,
E                      F#m 
But we've been Run - nn - ning,

E                              F#m
We're not hiding our souls in the shadows,
E                           F#m
We stand up and fight when it matters,
E                F#m
We like facing up to the world,
E               F#m     E    F#m
'Cause we've been Run - nn - ning,
  / G#m
Oh , what will we do for a crime,
         Oh    Oh    Oh
G#m                                  F#m
'Cause ya know there's no rush on us now,


   (Same as Intro)

  'Cause we got Time dear, You an' me alike,

   We got a whole lot, Of love on our side,
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   We got time dear, and we're holdin' on to it now,
   An' by the way dear , Well I've Got your back,
   An' its sure nice,  to be looking at,
   Its what I've got,  An' I'm holdin' onto it now,


    E                        F#m       E                         F#m
    Stuck in a scene that is war-like, Brushing off the things we dislike
    E                        F#m                         E      F#m
    An' now we're havin a whale of time, Cause we've been Run - nn -ning,
    E                              F#m                                F#m
    Oh, An' we're getting' closer to our dream,  to be a mark here when we leave,
    E                          F#m        E      F#m
    So everbody will know that we've been Run - nn -ning,
    G#m                       F#m
    Oh What will we do for the crime,
                    Oh        Oh        Oh,
     G#m                                F#m
    'Cause ya know there's no rush on us now


           E              F#m       E           F#m
   Verse: 'Cause we got the minds , An' we got the money
           E                       F#m           E
           we Got plenty time cause we're on it, We Got Dreams
               F#m                             E     F#m
           Just like the rest but we've been,  Run - nn- ing,
                      E          F#m
            But we've been Run - nn - ing


End on E!

| /  slide up
| \  slide down
| h  hammer-on
| p  pull-off
| ~  vibrato
| +  harmonic
| x  Mute note

A great Song From The Honourable Mic Christopher 
                               May Rest In Peace......