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Hey Day Chords

Sup!! first tab so ill make it a good song! 
there's only 4 chords through the whole song but it makes a good rhythem!

For the sun
For the light
Dsus4                 Asus4/G
For the ride and for the masters
We come to be kind
Cadd9         Dsus4        Asus4/G
To be warm here and after
We've been out
But we're back
Dsus4                         Asus4/G
Because we're graced in these matters
And we'll riseeeeeee

And we did a little love
But we walked
Dsus4                    Asus4/G
We make a sound for the mesto
G                         Cadd9
Make a little call to the right
Dsus4                  Asus4/G
to the ball and to the mast-top
And we

We fool around now and again
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We're looking good
              Cadd9       Dsus4
But just as friends.

               G   Cadd9   Dsus4
And this is our heyday baby
                   G    Cadd9     Dsus4    
And we're not gonna be afraid to shout
                      G   Cadd9    Dsus4
'Cause we can make our heyday last forever
     G             Cadd9     Dsus4
And ain't that what it's all about.

G                          Cadd9 
And we lack a little love, but a sign
Dsus4                   Asus4/G
A sign to get a little messed up
                G            Cadd9
Picking up the rules, for the chimes
          Dsus4               Asus4/G
Making up minds and making it last us
               G                 Cadd9
'Cause we live alone, and now we're grown
        Dsus4          Asus4/G
And we know what we're after
And we'll rissssssse

(for the next two parts just repeat the same chords!)

We fool around ...

And this is our heyday ...