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Metanoia Chords

Here are the chords of Metanoia by MGMT. ITíS NOT MY TAB. All credits go to
on youtube. His video is here:

If you donít know how to strum it you can look it up in this vid. The only thing I did
putting the chords and lyrics together. The final bit of the song is missing so if you
any idea of how it might go, just put in the reactions. I also couldnít make out the 
You can see how itís played in the youtube vid: if you have any ideas, just put them in

If anyone has the tab of the solo guitar of this song, please submit them.

Part 1:
     A        D         C#m
Metanoia, reshaping the world

It can teach you

D#               D
And reprogram you

C#m                  D
It can show you the flood

        E         A
That's trapped inside

(repeat chords of part 1 3x)
This one's alive
The tail is breathing
And she's listening
Kill the serpent
Divide, disperse and grow

Into an oak
A silver lining on a black scale
Wicked hunter on three hooves he still rode

But where is the fourth?
You can climb there
To your lofty perch

C#m                  D    E	  A
It can teach you the fairytale of hurt

A Ė Bm - G# - F# - C#

Part 2:
C#	                 G#
Mystic referee, don't look on me with scorn

C#                  G#
I'm a child, I'm a lover being born


C#                         (riff)
Disregard the path I'm on
[ Tab from: ]
(repeat chords of part 2)
You can justify the action, should you bless
My ambition and my indecisiveness
Let me know that you exist

B                       F#
Watch me tremble as I'm answering the phone

B                  F#             F
I am separate from everything you know

F# G#

(repeat chords earlier in part 2)
Mystic referee I promise to return
Once I've given up and lessons have been learned
You can watch my fire burn

Part 3: No chords
We were talkin' junk right,
Just before the show
This wild-eyed kid came up to the fence
He took one look at us, and he said:

"Help me,




We didn't play his favorite song,

A                                      G
Now he'll never come to another show
(repeat this sentence until fade in of part 4)

Part 4:

Section four:
repeat these chords 7 times: A C G F#m F

Hospitals and woods confirm
Red in the eyes of everyone
Parasites and lovers scrape the meat from bones
Turned into jade and tiger's eye
Save me some dark hair over a face like hers
She'll help the rain come to a pour
Bathroom floor of stone and tiles broke in two
Warm where they touch her porcelain
Timid skin I'm careful to untie this road
Wrapped in a knot indifferent
Lion's foot unearthing all the things i've seen
But never truly understood
Rotten wood from oceans that were never green
Crumbles beneath the canopy

                 F#                   G#
Let's pretend we never touched the sugar

C# F# F# Fm <-- these last F# and F chords are played high on the fretboard.