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Congratulations Chords

intro G Em C Am

G            Em    C                Am 
Dead in the water It's not a paid vacation 
G            Em                C                Am 
The sons and daughters Of city officials attend demonstrations
G           Em  
It's hardly sink or swim
C                       Am 
When all is well if the tickets sell

Break G  Em C Am 

Out with the whimper

It's not a blaze of glory

You look down from your temple

As people endeavor to make it a story

And chisel a marble word

but all is lost if it's never heard


G  C  G  G7
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But I've got someone to make reports
And tell me how my money's spent
To book my stays and draw my blinds
So I can't tell what's really there
And all I need's a great big congratulations

I'll keep your dreams

You pay attention for me

As strange as it seems, 

I'd rather dissolve

Than have you ignore me

The ground may be moving fast

But I tied my boots to a broken mast

The difference is clear

You throw it in your cauldron

Rust and veneer, dusk and dawn

Steinways and Baldwins

you start with a simple stock 

of all the waste and salt to taste

But damn my luck and damn these friends

That keep on combing back their smiles

I save my grace with half-assed guilt

And lay down the quilt upon the lawn

Spread my arms and soak up