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Am I Wry No Chords

Mew: Am i wry? No

  F5                     C5             Bb
Farah, now that you’re here, can you tell me 

exactly how I should have done? 
 Dm                     C5
Farah drives with her eyes closed. 
Do you ever inflict unwanted memories? 
 C5  D5  Bb                              C5 
I know you and I know it won’t take you long 
            D5          Bb
to make me smile. 
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 Dm             C5    Bb               
Farah, angelic girl I’ll have 

you know it’s you and me potentinally. 
 Dm             C5                     Bb
Farah don’t pull the carpet from under me. 

Indifference is killing me. 

Am I wry? Oh my! Fallacy! 

Fallacy in my words. Am I wry? 

I know you and I know you’re not afraid 

to say the least. 

Diamond ring. Diamond ring. 

But you can’t find it. Cold is the night. 

er lidt usikker nogle steder. prøv dig lidt frem