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The God That Failed Bass Tab

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the god that failed - by metallica. off the black album
submitted by tony

yeah, i know you're prolly saying this tab is shit, but it's as close
as i could get to a good one without the cd...the cd is goooone, so this
is from memory. anyway, use a clean tone with a pick, no felt or skinny
picks, only thick plastic or metal.
and i think it's in standard tuning. also, the rhythm is pretty
straightforward, just go along with it, and listen carefully, there
are some notes, like the second open pluck on the 2 2 0 0 you see
below that are in there, but you prolly just never heard before.
you can change this so you can play an open d instead of a e 5, but
thats your own personal little choice.

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-------------------------------------------------------  \
-------------------------------------------------------   | this is the intro
-------------------------------------------------------   | also play this
-2--2--0--0--5--5--0--0--2--2--0--5--0--2--2--0--7--0--   | part in between
                                                          | verses but i
-----------------------------------------------------     | think its only
-----------------------------------------------------     | the first part
-----------------------------------------------------     |
-2--2--0--8--8--9--9 --2--2--0--5--0--2--2--0--7--0--    /

-------------------------------------------------        \  this li'l gem
-------------------------------------------------         | is the verse
-------------------------------------------------         |
-2--2--2--0--2--2--2--0--2--2--2--5--0--2--2--0--        /

may not be microscopic, but it's defintely a start. glad to be of some
service somewhere...

 \o.\~\/ - "the bass is the man of guitars...deeper, bigger, and not many
      /     men like to finger them."

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ok, hopefully these will make it