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Version: 2 Type: Bass Tab

Motorbreath Bass Tab

Subject: BTAB: Metallica - Kill 'em all
From: (Wilbert Pol)

The people who transcribed it :

Jeff Jacobson - Anesthesia - Pulling Teeth
Andy Aledort - Jump in the Fire
Steve Gorenberg - the rest

The only thing I've done is converting them to ascii.

I've put all note lengths below the measures, they are :
w - whole note
h - half note
q - quarter note
e - eigth note
s - sixteenth note
t - thirty-second note
l - long note ('fermate' sign)
x+y - play note with length x+y

/ - a couple of these mean you have to fill the length with
    1. eight notes         (1 slash)   or
    2. sixteenth notes     (2 slashes) or
    3. thirty-second notes (3 slashes)

R - in the tab denotes a rest.
x - an undefined or muted note.
[ 3 ] - a triplet

/ - slide up
/(X) - slide up to fret X, but don't pick X
\ - slide down
\(X) - slide down to fret X, but don't pick X
T - tap note
Harm - harmonic
A.H. - Artificial harmonic

inside bar :
p - pull off
h - hammer on
bx - bend string x notes up
bx r - bend string x notes up and release string

a note without a length indication, means a 'ghost' note (The little notes
that occur in sheet music sometimes).

cresc. - crescendo  (Play louder and louder, 'fade in')

||--  --||
||-o  o-||  - a repeat
||-o  o-||
||--  --||

|  X  |
|-----|  - X bar rest
|     |

|  %  |  - repeat previous bar

                                                   Have fun,
                                                   Wilbert Pol


180 bpm                 fig.1
| 3 |-------|-----| 7 ||-----------------------|---------------------|
|   |-------|-----|   ||-----------------------|-3-3-3-2-2-3-3-3-2-2-|
      h q q   q h.         e s e s e e s e s e   e s e s e e s e s e

                                end fig.1   2 times
  e s e s e e s e s e   e s e s e e s e s e

  Verses 1,2              fill 1                       end fill 1
||--                      |-----------------|-----------------||
||-o  play fig.1  2 times |-----------------|-----------------||
||-o                      |-2--2--0-2--2--0-|-2--2--0-2--2--0-||
||--                      |-----------------|-----------------||
                            e. e. e e. e. e   e. e. e e. e. e
[ Tab from: ]
  e q e e q e   e q e e q e   e q e e q e   e q e q q   e q e e q e

                                        end fig.2
|-------------|-------------|-------------------|| 8  --||
|-------2-2---|-3-3---0-0---|-2-2-2-2-2-2-0-2---||    --||
  e q e e q e   e q e e q e   s s s s s s e q q

               Guitar solo I
5/4           4/4
  h e. e. s+q      e s s s s s s e e e e   e s s s s s s e e e e

                        |1.                      |2.
  e s s s s s s e e e e   e s s s s s s q q q      e e s s e q q
                                        [ 3 ]

play fig.1

Verse 3 : play fig.1  2 times, fill 1, fig.2

       Guitar solo II
  h h      e s s s s s s e e e e   e s s s s s s e e e e

                                          6 times
  e s s s s s s e e e e   e s s s s s s q q q
                                        [ 3 ]

  q q q  q q q   q h.
  [ 3 ]  [ 3 ]

Lyrics :
 1. Living and dying, laughing and crying
    Once you have seen it you'll never be the same
    Life in the fast lane is just how it seems
    Hard and it's heavy, it's dirty and mean.

 Chorus :
    It's how I live my life
    I can't take it any other way
    The sign of living fast
    It is going to take your breath away

 2. Don't stop for nothing, it's full speed or nothin'
    I'm takin' down you know whatever's in my way
    Getting your kicks as you're shooting the line
    Sending the shivers up and down my spine


 3. Those people who tell you not to take chances
    They are all missing on what life's about
    You only live once to take hold of the chance
    Don't end up like others, same song and dance