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Marys Mine Chords

Mary's Mine 

       G    G7         F      C               
Mary's mine and she'll always be 
         G          G7            F        C               
Till the end of time she gave her heart to me
F        G            F                     C  
No truer love could I ever find than Mary's love
G          C
And Mary's mine
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C                G            C 
I once lived the life without meaning 
                   G                C     C7
Just the face with no place in this world
   F		 G          C
At last I found reason for living 
      D7                          G
And I owe it all to the love of a girl

Her love gave me reason for living 
To make her happy is first on my mind
Because of her my life has real meaning
I love her so and I know Mary's mine