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Plinian Chords

This is my first tab and there was no Meredith Bragg on the site before this so i wanted
get them on here. Meredith Bragg and his band, the Terminals, are great. I first heard
on NBC's "Chuck," but I'll stop rambling now. I believe these are the right chords but 
me if I'm wrong. I hope somebody out there can make use of this. Enjoy.

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Plinian by Meredith Bragg

C X32010
Am X02210
F 133211
G 320033 (or 355433)

C                     Am
When the stones rained down
               F         C
And smoke rose above the clouds
Dodging debris
                 F        C
My uncle put his fleet to sea
       Am           F       C
And as he waved and turned away
   Am         F          C
Set his sails across the bay
    Am         G
Who could ever guess
My dear Tacitus
    G              C
The gods were so enraged

And the lightning arced
                    F        C
And dust turned the daylight dark
And the helmsmen cried
            F      C
Wondered if they'd survive
Am              F          C
But through the thickening smoke
Am             F      C
They found the harbor choked
      Am            G
Still he urged them on
While he stayed calm
        G             C
And the ash fell like snow
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And the mountain growled
            F         C
Tearing the buildings down
And for two dark days
              F      C
Fires lit the Naples Bay
         Am          F       C
And when it came for them to leave
      Am     F         C
There was no escape by sea
   Am        G       F
And his body fell as the vapor swelled
            G          C
They say he died as if asleep

Am C Am C Am C G

A lonely ridge
         F     C
A couple focus in
Their lenses train
              F         C
On smoke, and fire, and flame
    Am    F        C
And in unison they rise
   Am                F       C
As the plume reached greater heights
      Am         G      F
While around the bend a grey cloud descends
          G          C
That will be their demise

And with blinding speed
                     F      C
They are both killed instantly
And the island roars
            F     C
Boiling the ocean floor
       Am           F    C
Though their bodies disappear
   Am           F         C
Mingle with the earth and air
     Am        G          F
They will echo on through the work they've done
   G                  C
Projected through the years

Am C Am C Am C G
C (let ring)