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Lift Up Your Head Chords

From Meredith Andrews' CD "The Invitation", track 2.
The original key is F... I capo the first fret and play with an open E shape.  If you
to play bar chords or on the piano, transpose up 1 semi-tone.  I like to write out
I know about how a song is played when I tab one, becuase I am self-taught,and I know 
helpful it can be :)

Here are the chords I use **Standard Tuning**

C#m7 -  X46600  (I use my index on the A string, ring on the D,and pinky on the G....
I rest my middle on the low E to mute it)
Bsus4-  X24400  (same position as C#m7)
A2   -  X02200  ( I mute the low E with my thumb)

The song is in 4/4, it's easy to find the strumming if you listen to the song...

Intro: C#m7 // A2 // Bsus4 ////  **Remember the C#m7 and A share a split bar, and then a
bar of Bsus4... It's like this for almost the whole song.)
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Verse 1:
        C#m7   A2       Bsus4
Let us all as one draw near
       C#m7    A2       Bsus4
To the One who meets us here
       C#m7 A2 Bsus4
Let us all fall down
           A2                  Bsus4
Before the God who welcomes us in

C#m7 A2      Bsus4
Lift up your head
   C#m7              A2
And throw off every chain
C#m7         Bsus4
Lift up your eyes
       C#m7            A2
To the One who doesn't change
C#m7          Bsus4
Lift up your hands
Bsus4             C#m7 A2 Bsus4
The broken He will me--------nd
Bsus4             C#m7
So lift up your head

Verse 2:
       C#m7 A2    Bsus4
Let us all fix our gaze
       C#m7   A2     Bsus4
On the Author of our faith
         C#m7   A2    Bsus4
From all else we turn away
        A2                Bsus4
For the joy that conquers shame

He is Lover
He is Redeemer
He is Father
He is Friend
He is our shelter
He is our healer
He is the lifter of our head