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Josephs Lullaby Chords

Em      C9        G    D
Go to sleep my Son
     Em      D        C9
This manger for Your bed
  C9         D        G   D  Em
You have a long road before You
C9           D      G
Rest Your little head

Em                D            C9   G
Can You feel the weight of Your  glory
 C9         D             G
Do You understand the price
              C9      D
Or does the Father guard Your
 G     Em   D
heart for now 
   Em        D      G
So You can sleep tonight

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(Same chord pattern as verse 1)
Em        C9      G       D
Go   to  sleep  my Son
Em      D       C9
Go and chase Your dreams
      C9        D        G    D   Em
This world can wait for one more moment
C9       D        G
Go and sleep in peace

Em              D      C9   G
I believe the glory of heaven
C9              D      G 
Is lying in my arms tonight
             C9       D
But, Lord I ask that He, for
G      D    Em      C9
just this moment
Em      D       G
Simply be my child  

 Em      C       G
Go to sleep my Son
 Em     D        C
Baby close Your eyes
 Em   D           G          D
Soon enough You'll save the day
         C          D       Em
But for now, dear child of mine
   C    D   Hold.. then         G
Oh, my Jesus            sleep tight