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My Heart Will Fly Chords

This is such a beautful song and nobody had the chords so I decided to put them 
up. Its my first tab of course so if you find any mistakes then please fix it. Go 
to YouTube and listen to the song for pattern. Thanks bye!

(<=from to loud)

Intro: D A Em G x2

D                                       A
Why this happened I cannot explain, why I write the script with such 
              Em                                       G
heartache and pain could there not have been an easier way
D                                        A               
Wacthin life through this glass so faded I cannot see the bigger picture 
       Em                         G       
taking place oh to understand one day.

[ Tab from: ]
(chorus)D         A           Em
And my heart will fly when I finally 
                G             D         A     Em   G
see you face to face. And my tears will fly away away.

(play loudly)D A Em G

D                      A                Em
It wont be long til we all go home with all things revealed and on that day 
we'll finally know oh as we are fully known.


Em          A            G                  Em          D
And what appears as incomplete is still completely Yours and one day we'll 
A                  Em           D  A  Em
see as we've been seen and we'll soar.

         D        A           Em                     G            D
And my heart will fly when I finally see you face to face and my tears will 
A   Em   G                       D    
fly away away. And my heart will fly.

A< x3 A