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Little Rhymes : Mercury Rev "All is Dream"

I'm sure all the mercury rev chords i've done are 100% accurate as I have the album. 
On the inside cover of the album it has all the they r.

Tuning from lowest to highest: E-A-D-G-B-D (ie. Highest is tuned down 2 steps)

     C	Em	Am

It's Dead's just these same chords played time and time again 
just in different ways...this bit i can't really put on paper so just
listen to it an u'll get it.
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C     Em             Am nowhere climb
i take them ...all the time
Crawling....on my knees
Walking...that ol' fine line

An when im...alone an scared
I think up...little rhymes
They would...make no sense to you
But I make them... all the time

   C    Em 	 Am
An time's... all mine
Time's... all mine

It's the little...pills you find
Crushed to dust...rolling out of sight
They end up... in the strangest places
But i take them... all the time.
An time's... all mine
Time's... all mine

When everyone... is false
I tell em ... im just fine
I can't ... remember their names
But I fake them... all the time

An time's... all mine
Time's... all mine