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Fashionably Uninvited Tab

this is my first tab but not to be mistaken this is most likely the correct way to play 
i watched his hands and figured it out by myself anyway.

this isn't a song you would play around a campfire because well you only play 1 chord 
the whole song kind of a buzzkill but ill add in the optional background riff which is 

E ------------|
B ------------|
G -----12-----|
D ------x-----|
A -----10-----|
E ------------|

he plays this through the whole song
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optional background riff you see him play it in the video but it sounds like a keyboard or pedals

E --------------|
B --------------|
G -8-8-7--------|
D -------5------|
A --------------|
E --------------|

E -----------------|
B -----------------|
G -8-8-7---7---7-5-|
D -------5---5-----|
A -----------------|
E -----------------|

wasnt much point in posting this tab i just like the song and it was like a 5 second 
frame it took to learn it so hey somebody has gotta have a band to play the back up parts 
good day everybody :P