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Angels Would Fall Chords

			     angels would fall - melissa etheridge
Tabbed by:digger9
hello! this is my first tab and it is completely correct I first heard the song off  the 
the panel. I used a valuable saturday morning for this tab.
this song is played on an acoustic.Enjoy!
  Em   C   G   D  Am


Em|C|G|D| Em|C|G|D|

The rope thatís wrapped around me
    Em                  C
Is cutting through my skin
   G                  D G D
And the doubts that have surrounded me
       Em               C
Are finding their way in
    G                D G D
I keep it close to me
        Em         C
Like a holy man prays
        G         D
In my desperate hour
      Em           C
Itís better that way
     G            D
So Iíll come by and see you again
   Em               C
Iíll be such a very good friend
   G                      D
Have mercy on my soul
    Em           C
I will never let you know
   G                D
Where my mind has been
   Am              D
[ Tab from: ]
 Angels never came down
Em|C|G        D
Thereís no one here they want to hang around
        Em     C          Am           D
But if they knew
 Em          C
If they knew you at all
        G           D
Then one by one the angels
 Em                 C
Angels would fall
 G              Em

Iíve crept into your temple
     Em             C
I have slept upon your pew
     G                D G D
Iíve dreamed of the divinity
  Em             C
Inside and out of you
           G      D G D
I want it more than truth
  Em                C
I can taste it on my breath
   C                 D
I would give my life just for a little death
        Em       C              G      D

So Iíll come by and see you again
      Em     C         G      D
Iíll be just a very good friend
    Em               C
I will not look upon your face
      G               D
I will not touch upon your grace
   Em             C
Your ecclesiastic skin
   G               D

Iíll come by and see you again
     Em   C       G      D
Iíll have to be a very good friend
   Em       C     G         D
If I whisper they will know
 E            C       D
Iíll just turn around and go
          Em         C
You will never know my sin