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Date: Tue, 15 Aug 1995 18:45:13 -0400
Subject: All American Girl -Etheridge

Melissa Etheridge

Song's not too difficult and sounds great when you rip it on an electric -
good for acoustic, too. Listen to recording for right rythyms. Chords: E
(022100), A (002220), D (000232), B5 (x244xx), A5 (x022xx), C#m (x46650),
Dsus2 (xx0230). Have fun. -Meg


She (B5)wakes up in the morning
with a (A5)pain in her jet black (E)head (ADA)
(B5)- decaf coffee in her (A5)hand
and A Marboro (E)Red(ADA)
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She (C#M) drives down to the office
in her (A5)Japanese car
With her (E)radio blasting,
 ..he thinks of takin it too far
But to(Dsus2)day she'll pay the bills
She won't (A5)think about the thrills
That pass (B5)away

She's an all(EADA)-American (EADA)girl
An all(EADA)-American (EADA)girl
And she'll live (A5)and die
in this man's (B5)world
An all-American (EADA)girl (EADA)

Her (B5)eyes are black as leather
and her (A5)hair is killer red
How (B5)could she keep the baby (A5)
when she can barely keep her (E)head (ADA)

She don't (C#m)owe nobody nothing
cause (A5)she ain't on the street
But these (E)drinks are gettin heavy
and the tips are getting weak
And (Dsus2)she don't understand
why she can't (A5)crawl out of the sand
And break (B5)away


Her (C#m)lover never came home
It's (A5)half past three
To(E)day her best friend told her
He's HIV
Somethings (Dsus2)got to give somewhere
Forcing (A5)circles into squares
She keeps pushing (B5)on


It doesn't sound quite the right key when you play with the recording but
sounds authentic on its own. Please forward any corrections to