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Beautiful Intentions Chords


I couldn't help but open my big mouth 

As I stumbled into you the words fell out 

Well you asked me the question and I just couldn't lie 

But why did you bother when you knew what you'd find 

No no no I didn't mean to leave you standing in the dark 

 D9            C                    Bb
*So blind That I, can't decide If you, knew that I
 Harbored beautiful intentions for you
 D9            C                 Bb
 So cruel That I, never knew Truly, If you
          G                           D9
 Harbored beautiful intentions for me

When they give you your identity 

Tell me will you recognize yourself 

You're so influenced by the things that you hear 
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Down with the smoke screen to make everything clear 

Oh oh oh You gotta learn to live and take it in your stride 


So blind (4x)

**Jaded with exhausting pressure
  Will I feel like this forever
  Faded inconsistent pleasure, Wear me down wear me out


D9 C Bb G

So blind, Can't decide, Knew that I
So cruel, Never knew, If you

I wanna know did I disappoint you?
It still hurts to mention the words that were spoken now
I wanna know, are you contemplating?
The beautifully intended yet tainted impression of me

So blind, Can't decide, Knew that I
So cruel, Never knew, If you

So blind and I can't decide
If you knew I had beautiful intentions for you
And it's so cruel
And I never knew if you had beautiful intentions for me