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The Christmas Song Chords

I wanted to share a cool version of Mel Torme's classic that I figured out on the piano,
and it sounds excellent on the guitar.  This is a more "folksy" version of it, much
simpler than the actual song and many other versions.  You can even speed up the song 
and play it with a rock tempo.  I typed in the chords EXACTLY where they are supposed to be
played, but this website moves things in the transfer, so you will just have to figure 
out where the changes are.  Enjoy.  -Steve Westfall

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire
D	    G          	     D	        G    A

Jack Frost nipping at your nose
D	     D7		       G

Yuletide carols being sung by a choir and
G	   Gm		D	    C#

Folks dressed up like EskimosÖeverybody
F#		C	A	    A7
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Knows a turkey and some mistletoe
D	   G		       D	            G   A

Help to make the season bright
D	 D7		    G

Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow will
G      Gm	        D	              C#

Find it hard to sleep tonight.  They know that
G	            A          D

Santaís on his way.  Heís loaded
C		  D

Lots of toys and goodies on his sleigh.  And every
C				   D

Motherís child is gonna spy to see if
Bb			    C

Reindeer really know how to fly and
E7		 		A7

So Iím offering this simple phrase to
D	G	         D                           G   A

Kids from one to ninety-two
D	      D7		    G

Although itís been said many times many ways
G		       Gm	D	        C#

Merry Christmas      to you.
           D	     G A G          D