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Fighting For Nothing Chords

Here is meg's part of the song. I used this youtube video to get the chords, so it should be fine.

Verse 1
F#                                                 B
When I was younger, I wish that I would have known better.
Better love makes a fat romance, that lasts for more than a shoe shine.
Iím older, took all the words of my mother, saying,
It could be worse, could be born with that disease, instead of catching it first.
Ebm                                  Db5                            B5         
So letís go back, to the first time, that I met you, in your Chevy, with your hands stretched,
 and me 
crying, screaming, ďMercy. Mercy.Ē
Ebm                                       Db5                       B5
But I know that, I was put here, to fight Vikings, in the cold war, with my arms out,
 in the front 
lines, singing, ďDare me. Dare me.Ē
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But these things take time love.
These things take backbone.
Ebm                                                               Db5
And theyíll tell you what you want to hear ícause they think itís better. Better.
B                       F#
But you better know how to point out the liars.
Ebm                                                             Db5
Youíve got to weigh your wars make sure youíre not fighting for nothing. Nothing.
Are you fighting for nothing?

Verse 2
F#                                               B
It feels like this world has been growing slowly upside down.
Maybe I should move to China, and straighten this mess out.
Maybe Iíll be a poet.
Watch all the sky for falling words.
And write about my grandmaís curtains, or the lady who put the Chinese buffet in her purse.
Ebm                               Db5         
Iíve got my mouth. Itís a weapon. Itís a bombshell. 
Itís a cannon. Iíve got my words.
I wonít give them mercy. Mercy. 


Ebm  Db5  B5 Db5 (x2)

Ebm                Db5
Iíve got my words. I hope they hurt you.
I hope they scar you. I hope they heal you.
Ebm                                                        Db5
I hope they cut you open, make you see youíve been warring for all the wrong reasons.
Make you see that some things are worth bruising for.
Make you see that your name is your honor code.
Make you see that your hands youíre accounted for.
Pick and choose where your sweat and your blood will go.
Make you see your lifeís not to be lived alone.
Run their spit through your hair, youíre worth nothing. Nothing.