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Time Baby Iii Chords

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Date: Sun, 28 Dec 1997 03:34:37 -0500
From: Mike Folk 

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here is a song that i was sure was tabbed by now it was on The Crow
Soundtrack track 13 by MEDICINE called time baby III this is my first tab
and might not be right but it sounds right to me.(you decide and email me
at if u find any p roblems This is a kick ass song
and i decided to tab it after i found it to be one of the few songs left
untabbed that i know of. 

intro =G, E, Am, C

G             E      Am      C                   G    
sometimes it rains inside my head 


G                E                Am                 G
no they dont have to take you away

end on G

and thats about it all the verses are the same and end with the chorus   
have fun and i hope its right if not email me at   
remember this is my first tab so its not perfect
have fun! thanks - Mike Folk