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Love Song Chords


 G      D              Em        C        D
October sky, how the leaves change colors
Before we realize, the sky has turned to summer
But my love will never change
It will stand through the winds and the rain

(Chorus: )
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 G     D               Em              C      D
I will cry with you as your tears fall down
I will laugh with you when you smile out loud
We will dance this dance for a millon years
And when all else fails, love still stands

 G      D              Em              C      D
A new sunrise, as the night fades away
Good morning smile as we begin the day
Such beautiful angel with such heavenly eyes
I see a love so pure, and oh so devine

 G         D           Em         C        D
The rains come, and the rains will go 
Along with the years, as we grow old
Side by side, hand in hand
Feeling love as though it just began