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Meatmen Chords

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"We're the Meatmen (and you suck)"

Just play these power chords  over & over.

C#      F#      B      C#      E      B
Just listen to the cd for the rythm, etc...
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power chords:
C# - x466xx
f# - 244xxx
B   - x244xx
E   - x799xx
B   - 799xxx

There is a little solo in between this, but I don't remember
the whole thing.

Stompin' grannies at the A & P
Steel their money, buy somethin' for me
A 6 of BLATZ and a pack of butts
A rondezvous with the other three nuts
A punk rock tool in a jacked up ride
4 zit faced baldies on electra glide
Cherry bombs in the toilet bowls
What a bunch of A-holes!

We're the Meatmen (and you suck)
Mortals bow before the master!

Mighty and proud we're the men of meat
4 sick dog losers wit da stinky feets
We'll do any butt broad, fat ulgy or skag
what a bunch of weenbags!

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