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From Sun May  4 10:34:58 1997
Date: Sun, 6 Apr 1997 16:57:24 +0000
From: michael mccullough 
Subject: TAB: Meat Puppets /// We're Here

we're here
by curt kirkwood
from the album: MEAT PUPPETS II

these are, i think, the chords for we're here. the guitar part is
fairly simple, a lot of the color is provided by the bass. i didn;t
tab out the two guitar solos. they aren't really traditional solos,
more like ascending echoing, flanging, sound clouds.

the D* might actually be a D??  (XX0202) ??? the other chords are
simple open chords like you'd strum next to a campfire late at night,
a little drunk, wishing it would warm up a little bit.

any corrections are greatly welcomed.

michael mccullough


the night is restless
but no dream's in sight
and the sounds have no beginnings or ends
and that glow is not a light

[ Tab from: ]
the walls turn into waterfalls
with water made of thoughts that call,
"it's not O.K. to tip the glass
don't smile too long or shed a tear
you're not the only one that's you
things have changed, now we are here."

E E G G E E G G F5 A?

we are not the king and queen
what we are lies in between
the blankets that you've never seen
but over you are spread
"we are here," the voices sing
"we are here," the echo thunders
"here we are," the doorbell rings
"we are here and here in numbers"

E E G G E E G G F5 A???

the others came in from the hall
and thoughts with voices start to call,
"it's not O.K. to tip the glass
or smile too long or shed a tear
you're not alone the way you thought
things have changed, now we are here"


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