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Date: Wed, 28 Jun 1995 15:14:53 -0700
From: (Ken Lamp)

Meat Puppets

Tabbed by (Ken Lamp)

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7-harmonics (7-h)                        5-harmonics (5-h)
e------3---2----7h-----------            e------3---2----5h-----------
B----------3----7h-----------            B----------3----5h-----------
G--1-------2----7h---------1-            G--1-------2----5h---------1-
D--2------------7h---------2-            D--2------------5h---------2-
A--2---2-------------------2-            A--2---2-------------------2-
E------3---x-----------------            E------3---x-----------------
G----------------------------            G----------------------------
D----------------------------            D----------------------------
A----------5-----------------            A----------5-----------------
E--0---3--------5----3---0-0-            E--0---3--------5----3---0-0-

These designate single notes: (A-G-E), the A is played during the harmonics.
The bass alone plays the A and the guitars and bass play the G and E.
E|| is my attempt to indicate 3 rapid E chords.

Drum intro
E     G     D (7-h) (A-G-E)
E     G     D
E     G     D (7-h) (A-G-E)
E     G     D (5-h) (A)

E|| (5-h)
D|| (7-h)
E|| (5-h)
D|| (A-C-C#-D)
E  D  E
E  D  E
E  D  E
E  D  D  (D-C-B)

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