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Band- Meat Puppets
Song- "Scum"
Album- "No Joke!"
Tuning-  tune the low E string to a D

SCUM -----------------------------------

Play these three things under the solo/intro. E|--------------------|| B|--------------------|| G|--------------------|| D|--------------------|| A|------------3-------|| E|---0--3--4-----3--0-||

E|-----------------------|| B|-----------------------|| G|-----------------------|| D|-----------------------|| A|------------3----------|| E|---0--3--4-----3--2--0-||

E|----------------------------|| B|----------------------------|| G|----------------------------|| D|----------------------------|| A|------------5--3--0---------|| E|---0--3--4----------3--0----||


E|---------------------|| B|--3------------------|| G|--2------------------|| D|--0----------0-------|| A|--0----------0-------|| E|--0---3--4---0-------||

repeat this part. muting your guitar in between (so it makes that kick ass little "chk chk" sound).

Not sure of the other part. When I figure it out, I'll post it. [ Tab from: ]