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Skinhead Chords

MDC is the shit and this is easy song to play.

Figure out the strumming pattern
   E    A    F#    B


"This is not about all skinheads. This is about fascist, fag bashing skinheads. "

S, is cause you're so stupid
K, like the KKK
I, because you're an idiot
N' a Nazi too
H, is cause we hate you
E, each and everyday
A cause you're an asshole
D, disappear and go away

Ba ba ba ba
Ba ba ba ba
Ba ba ba ba
Ba ba ba ba

Oh skinhead, I really miss you sooo
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(little bass fill)

"Oh everyone says real mean things about you like you're a real bad guy and all but you
really nice to me - you used to bring me things in the middle of the night. I know you
to jump and beat up people for the but you made me feel so special! But then you got in 
and I don't see you anymore"

"Hey one minute here! I don't like this song at all! You're trying to put us down.
trying to call us violent, we're not violent! You wanna see violent you should've seen the
night. Bam bam bam kick kick kick, THAT was violent."

S, is cause we're sorry
K, you're a knuckle-head
I, is for isocracy
N, and its not real cool
H, cause we're still hoping
E, each and everyday
A, together we can create anarchy
D, to destroy the state