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I Was An Infant Chords

MDC - Submissives-I was an Infant

  A   F#  D   D#  C   Bb

A              F#
I was an infant, 
A              F#
for the human race
A              F#
Down the test tubes backward,
A              F#
blackjack to my face
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D             D#   C
They put me in cowboy boots
D             D#   C
I liked to wear dresses better
D             D#   C
They put me in cowboy boots
D             D#   C
Served me chrios for dinner

A                  F#
I was a teenage boy, 
people always in my face
Sore face everywhere, 
everyone on my case

D              D#      C
Wanted me to be some football player
I liked dresses better
Be a some kinda sport player
I like girl clothes better

D           C          Bb             A
And it ainīt nobodys business what I do

A                F#
Made it this far 
to cut the chase
This time is for yourself, 
and it ainīt to waste

D           D#      C
Wanted to be a big man, 
be some kind of hero
All those big man dreams 
all add up to zero

D       C        Bb         A
Nobodys business what you do

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