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I Understand Chords

Artist: McMaster and James
Song: I Understand
Tabber: Melissa Liznick
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This song is VERY simple to play. It only uses 4 chords which are:
Em, G, D, A
In that order
Here we go:

Hit Em's 2 first strings softly the first time around on intro
Intro: Em, G, D, A x2

Em               G
Here I am alone again tonight
            D        A
Talkin' to myself again
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Em                       G
Lately I've been seeing less of you
            D             A
Whats a man to do?

A                          Em   G
I understand that you've been busy
G                              D  A
I understand there's not much time
A              Em            G
You've got the best intentions
G              D
Every single time

And so it continues like the the entire song except you have
to strum soflty or hit the strings with your fingers when it
comes to the soft part in the middle.
-Melissa, 2000