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Rock Vs Single Parents Chords

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Song: McLusky - Rock vs Single Parents

Tabbed by: David Zammitt
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Danny keeps beats in a box by the door

        B                       G#
She's a diligent girl but she's been here before

It reminds her of riding a bike

Hey hey hey!

Slovenly ground for your slovenly shoes

          B                         G#
Cos we're destined to win and we're destined to lose

And we're destined to deal with it

Hey hey hey!

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[That chord pattern is repeated the whole way through with clean guitar in the verses and
distorted in the choruses.]

the lead guitar part which comes in after the 2nd "Hey Hey Hey!" is based around this riff:


rest of the lyrics:

It used to be form to be warned about robots
And alien life-forms on your way to the toilets
But now it's like chasing a fish
Hey hey hey!

Follow me down we can chase single mothers
Around and around 'til those sluts blow their cover
Just stick to the plan obi-wan
Hey hey hey!

What if you never get home?
What if you never get high-hung?
What if you never get home?

i think that's it, it's all based around those 4 chords and that riff

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