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Better Day Chords

Better Day by Daryl McLoughlin

[Verse 1]
C               Am         Em            F
You were wanted here, why d’you have to rome

C                Am            Em       F
So far away from here yet you were at home

C              Am               Em        F
You said ‘The highs were bigger than the lows’

C             Am   Em       F
Why you were going we both know     


Asus2        Am                   D
Standing up there you looked so tall    
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Asus2                       Am         D
But the taller you are the harder you fall


G                           Em                      A             D
If you’d just hold on for another while then we can make a better day

G                       Em                      A          D
Just stay and let them know and not leave with so much to say

[Verse 2]

Spent so much time looking for what you need
But you know that nothing in life is guaranteed
So many good times but there no release,
A cry of hope, a mutual desire, a plea for peace


[Chorus] X 2

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