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You Need A New Lover Now Chords

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From: "Alan Kinkle" 
Subject: m/mclauchlan_murray/you_need_a_new_lover_now.crd
Date: Fri, 8 May 1998 22:41:30 -0400

  Song: You Need A New Lover Now
  Artist: Murray McLauchlan
  Transcribed by Alan Kinkle (alkinkle@erols,com)

	I first heard this song in the mid '70's and have been playing it ever
since.  I believe it's from the album "Day to Day Dust".  I learned it by
ear and haven't actually heard a recording for 20 odd years so some of the
words might be wrong, but this is how I remember and play it.  Any
corrections are welcomed.

C                         F        C             F
  There's nothing much to say      It's windy today
C                  F               C      F
  You sit looking out through the panes
C                   F                      Am            D
  You're thinking about him       How you lost at love again
           G                                G7
  Singing little girl's blues   While it's starting to rain

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C                       D    G
  You need a new lover now
                          C       C/B  Am
  You need a lover,  and how

  Someone to hold you
  Swallow your pride
 F                  Fm         C
  You need a new________  lover now

C                 F       C                    F
  Lovers come in two's      and this time you lose
C                        F             C         F
  Well everybody must   sometimes get lonely
C                  F       Am            D
  Life goes by in years    Far too many tears
          G                          G7
  Can be cried by you   just for you only,  don't waste your time


C                         F        C                  F
  Well maybe he couldn't find you    or you couldn't see him
C                            F           C       F
  Do you have to go out and live like a nun?
C              F               Am              D
  I've got no real right   to give you this advice
          G                            G7
  'Cause you'll go out and do exactly what it is you want