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Roger McGuinn    Without You     written by Roger McGuinn/Jacques Levy
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C                         Dm  F                       C
There was no one else but you from the moment that we met
                           Dm   F                       C
Foolish dreams were coming true it's a time I can't forget
                  Dm    F                       C
Be my wife for evermore be my girl and comfort me
                      Dm   F                        C
Put the lock upon the door smile and throw away the key
 C   G           F              C
Without you without you I'm without you
C                         Dm    F                        C
With the movement of your head you could tell me what was wrong
                        Dm   F                       C
Was it something that I said was my love for you too strong
                       Dm  F                       C
If I knew this thing I did that was always in your way
                       Dm      F                        C
I could make you do my bidding I could make you want to stay
                       Dm      F                  C
Now I'm here without a friend cup of coffee in my hand
                          Dm  F                       C
Walk the floor without an end staring at your wedding band
    G            F              C
Without you without you I'm without you