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Roger McGuinn  Bag Full Of Money written by Roger McGuinn/Jacques Levy
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G                      C         G
I grew up believing in Jesse and Frank
                              A          D
Cause we never had nothing or no one to  thank
      C                                G
And I came pretty close to unloading a bank
                                            D          G
But I was saved by my draft board when they made me  a Yank
G                  C           G
In the 102nd  they busted your hump
                          A        D
The taught me a man isn't always a chump
       C                                 G
In the course of Korea  I learned how to jump
                                 D         G
In the card game of  life I was  holding a trump
G                        C             G
Floating I'm floating on down thru the sky
                         A            D
Never had no ambition to learn how to fly
   C                               G
Be glad when it's over be happy to land
                                 D         G
With this bag full of money I've got in my hands
G                               C          G
If you can't get a job and they think your insane
                                     A               D
If the years of your youth have been washed down the drain
            C                                    G
And if  you wake up one morning with nothing but pain
                          D         G
It was then I decided  to grab me a plane
G                          C         G
With all of my training it wasn't to tough
G                              A           D
Now I'm thru taken orders and  taken their guff
      C                                G
Gonna buy me a cadilac and some luxury stuff
                               D          G
Cause a veterans pension ain't nearly enough

       Copyright @ 1973 Patian & Jackelop Music/BMI
       From the "Roger McGuinn"  LP  Columbia Records 1973