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Hotel On A Hill Chords

Hotel on a hill(demo)

(capo 2nd fret)

F#m    244222
C#     446664
A      002220
A/g    402220
A7     002223
B      224442
Bsus4  224452
E      022100
D      557775
Dm*    557567

          F#m        C#
There's a hotel on a hill
          A                  B
And the food won't make you well
               A    A/g  F#m     E    A     E
But there are many other rea-sons to stay

                F#m              C#
There's always people in their rooms
              A              B
Watching the sky in all its gloom
              A     A/g   F#m       E   A    A7
As they are casting all the bad dreams away
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Then I know you'd like to stay
But their rooms are full today
A      A/g         F#m         Bsus4 B
Looks like you'll have to stay saaaaad
But if you like I could reserve
          A  /g  /f#    E
A double-bed or two for you

               F#m                  C#
And there's a road that takes you there
                A                  B
And there's a million flights of stairs
              A       A/g      F#m E
You have to climb to find the hotel
              A    A/g      F#m E
Stairs that wind around the hotel
                A      A/g    F#m E   
It's not your average kind of motel
     D     Dm   F#m   C#  A   B  A  A/g  F#m E F#m
The hotel on a hill

I think this is pretty correct. Hope you find it helpful