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Ballad Of Paul K Chords

Artist: McFly
Song: The ballad of Paul K
Album: Wonderland
Tabbed by Joel Tadman 

Hey there this is my first ever tab and so don't blame me too much if it's wrong
somewhere! This is such a great song and so I thought I'd give it a go! Let me
know what u think! (

Capo 2nd fret


Chords - Em    A        D    A    D	A    D
    e ----3----0--------2----0----2----0----2--|
    B ----3----2--3--5--3----2----3----2----3--|
    G ----0----2--------2----2----2----2----2--|
    D ----2----2--------0----2----0----2----0--|
    A ----2----0-------------0---------0-------|
    E ----0------------------------------------|

He's drinking cold Corona
Feels like is getting older 
Em               A
Now and noticing how he's finding
Grey hairs left in the shower 
Tattoos fade by the hour
Em                  A
And he can't understand these feelings


G                       A
Why life is getting him down 
He used to smile now he frowns 
    D/C#   Bm
And cries inside 
Its been this way for a while 
    E                           A
And he can't seem to put things right 

[ Tab from: ]
D             D7     G    G/F#     Em
When life has been unkind 
	     E         A        A/G
And you're losing your mind 
F#                    Bm     Bm/A        Em	   
Look in the mirror afraid of what you'll find 
              Gm	            D     A  D       A  D
It feels like time's not on your side 

Verse 2 (Same chords)

He doesn't like to mention 
Applying for his pension 
So his children don't know he's heading 
Into a mid-life crisis 
He cant afford the prices for 
The new kitchen floor he's buying 

Pre chorus 2

He's been a drunk all his life 
Two kids, a dog and a wife 
He doesn't know 
And in the daytime he just sits and watches television shows 



 C#m?              A
Dont know why but somehow 
The ones you love you hate now, 
        B         E
You feel down and blue 
Look at what you've thrown away 
They stood beside you all the way   

    e ---------------------|
    B ----2-3-5-----5-7-8--|
    G ---------------------|
    D ---------------------|
    A ---------------------|
    E ---------------------|

(there's probably an A7 chord in there somewhere - you need to experiment)
Now its too late, its too late for you


Enjoy! It really is a great song, let me know if the chords work, hope they did they
sound correct when I play them!