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Choking Kind Tab

~The Choking Kind~
Delbert McClinton 

I only meant to love you 
didn’t you know it baby - didn’t you know
		4				5							1
Why couldn’t you be content with the love I gave

I gave you my heart but you wanted my mind yea

Ooo your love scares my to death baby

Cause it’s the choking kind
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Now you can kill a man with 
a bottle of poison all night
It’ll hurt him more to take 
his pride and ruin his life
What ever it is girl- oh I surely hope you find
But your love don’t fit my heart cause cause
It’s the choking kind - oh yes it is ..
When you fall in love again, honey take a tip from me
If you don’t like the peaches, just walk on by the tree
Find what you want baby, 
keep it and treat it sweet and kind
But you’ve got to let it breathe baby, 
don’t make it the choking kind
(solo .. on out for days on end ...)
Your love scares me to death 
cause baby it’s the choking kind ...

The rhythm / feel / progression is kind of simular to a “Walk A Mile In My Shoes” kind of thang ...

Syncopated med. soul shuffle ... (C- Dm - F - G or 1 - 2 minor - 4 -5)

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