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From uunet!!!monu6!!denmckinnon Fri Aug 21 10:33:08 PDT 1992
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Subject: McCartney: Coming Up
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Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1992 03:28:17 GMT
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Here are the guitar riffs from Coming Up by McCartney.

Verses: play alternately (a) and (b) (&keep repeating)

Chorus: play only (a) (&keep repeating)

Riff (a)                   Riff (b)

---------6-------------    ---------6---------
-8888888-6-8-6-8-------    -8888888-6-8-6-----
-8888888---8-6-8-------    -8888888---8-6-----
-----------------------    -------------------
-----------------------    -------------------
-----------------------    -------------------

These riffs probably don't sound that great on there own. (i.e. on the 
record there is lots of other stuff going on over the top of these riffs).

But I think a performable version could probably be done as long as there 
was someone playing the bass part to give the song a bit more harmonic shape.


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