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The Small Thoughts Of A Petty Man Tab

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Author/Artist: Diarmuid McAreavy 
Title: The small thoughts of a petty man
Transcribed by: Rabid_Fox (Diarmuid McAreavy)

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Tuning: Standard


I know. Freaky names, but they're actually very easy to play. So don't cry.

  Dbmsus4  Dbmaug5  C7sus2   Cm7th

Intro: Dbmsus4, Dbmaug5
       C7sus2,  Cm7th 

(These chords are played throughout the verses)
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Sitting in a cold room, I can still pretend
That real heat is filter burns
Where I've smoked a cigarette
Right up to the end

Breathings not so easy when all you breathe is smoke
It's often hard to discern
If it's sunrise or just sunset
Well this morning I awoke

       G5     A5      F5       G5
With a certain distinct feeling
     G5      A5      F5       G5
That life is just for failing
G5     A5               F5  G5
What a curious thing to say
G5     A5             F5  G5
At the start of every day

Dbmsus4, Dbmaug5
C7sus2,  Cm7th 

Walking on a paved hill once up once down instead
Not sure if this is how
I like spending every day
Thinking of the final end

So thinking to myself (of course I am, who else)
The wind feels good now
Maybe Spring is coming
Buds flowers and ice melts

Chorus 2:
And that certain distinct feeling
That life is just for failing
It's false, decedant, a lie
Now I'm so happy I should die

Dbmsus4, Dbmaug5
C7sus2,  Cm7th