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Author/Artist: Diarmuid McAreavy, Ryan Quinn
Title: Shelter
Transcribed by: Rabid_Fox (Diarmuid McAreavy)

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Tuning: Standard

Riff 1

Intro: Riff 1 x2

*Riff 1 is played throughout the verses*

It's been far too long, and everything's moving on
I walk on old country paths, the clouds turn black, there's a lightning flash
The wind blowing into me's cruel, the rain soaks me all the way through
But I walk on into the storm, my mind starts focusing on
HOw I belong to you, and you belong to...(Am)
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G                Fm
This road can be weary
Dm                 Bm
The journeys often scary
C            Fm               C    Am
But life was not designed for solo
G                        Fm
I see light entrapped by night
Dm                    Bm
I have you to hold me tight
C                   Fm                        C     Am
There's no point in life when there's nothing alive

*Riff 1 throughout*

I've forever walking through the scorn, sometimes ask why was I ever born
But I'm not too far down yet, the thought of shelter drives me on
The wind still chills my very bones, but I think of you, I can still run
You give me the strength not to hide, nothing can hurt me when I rise high
I take everything the storm can give then bask in the sun because I have lived


Em(VII)             Dm
No point if there's nothing to live
Am                          Gm
Can't live if you'll always hide
Em(VII)                      Dm
Can't love if you're of that kind
Am                          Gm
But keep me close and I'll be alright