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Severn Bridge Tab

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Author/Artist: Diarmuid McAreavy 
Title: Severn Bridge
Transcribed by: Rabid_Fox (Diarmuid McAreavy)

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Tuning: Standard

Intro: Em, F#5 x2

Em                    F#5                 
For a songbird fallen silent
Em                F#5
For a riot turned quiet
B5                   A5        G
For the broken lover turned to violence
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I'm a fox among the hounds
Accosted by the idea that I've lost it
The sweetest music's only mere sounds

Prechorus I
C                 A
Cynicism galls my throat
D               G
Irony floats my boat
C                      A
I leave my body out to waste
D                        G
Bitterness, the sweetest taste

Em              Esus4
Tough forsaken, only human
Bmaj7sus4     Bsus4
Sad mistaken, only human
Em                      Esus4
Tomorrow's just another day
An hour for me to slip away

For a road with no beginning
No visable end, no direction
Just me walking, breathing, sinning

For a sun lamenting iridescence
Now cold, bleak, sharing no heat
I'm no longer feeling so tense

Prechorus II
Today maybe let you down
You mourn it's passing at the dusk
But tomorrow's coming very soon
And tomorrow promises you much


End on C