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Author/Artist: Diarmuid McAreavy 
Title:No regrets for the dead
Transcribed by: Rabid_Fox (Diarmuid McAreavy)

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Tuning: Standard

Intro: E

Sleep awhile and greet the morning
Smile a little, be of great cheer
D                   G
Love you life while you're alive
C                  A      E 
Love the days, the weeks, the years

Can anything really warrant suicide
You're alive and many aren't
D                  G
If death's a flame enjoy the heat
    C            A       E
But careful, you may get burnt
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If your heart's beating, enjoy the pulse
If you're a sinner then live in sin
   D                      G
If you've got feelings go on and feel them
   C                   A              E
If you've got a towel, don't throw it in

Remember you're finite, have no illusions
Whatever you've got you've got for a time
D                      G
The days will pass for only so long
   C                   A              E
But your life is yours and my life is mine

Life's a cruelty free product
It's guaranteed to not have been tested
D                    G
So why is it that at the end
C          A         E
We're so happy to be rested?

Live for others, ah, it's not for me
I'll live for myself for myself instead
D                 G
I'd rather regret living lonely
C                  A               E 
Because there's no regrets for the dead